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How to fit the Stable Mat

Do you offer a low cost fitting service

Yes we do. Our fitters have over ten years experience in fitting equestrian rubber flooring to stables and stalls hers in the UK. Many customers prefer to take full advantage of the five year guarantee offered when the stable mats are professional fitted to save them hassle and give them piece of mind.

If you would like to know more about our low cost professional fitting service and get a quote to fit you mats in your stable or stall. Give us a call on 07811 172472 or email us on

Can I fit the Stable Mat myself?

Yes, you can fit the stable mat yourself. Careful fitting is important but easy - We hope these notes will help. Once mats have been carefully and tightly fitted, it should not be necessary to lift at them (it should be noted that in very hot weather, the mats will expand slightly.)


A tape measure, a piece of chalk, a straight edge, a hammer and a jig saw or Stanley knife.

Fitting the Stable Mats

The Stable Mat lay out in a typical 12ft by 12ft stable.

A jig saw with a timber cutting blade is easy and quick, but for a small number of mats a Stanley knife (with a new blade) is adequate. Cutting with a jig saw should be carried out by laying the mat flat on a pallet with the marked 'cutting line' just off the edge. By supporting the mat firmly in this way you will avoid excessive vibration while cutting. If using a knife, draw the blade firmly along the 'cutting line' with the mat flat and then open up the cut by bending the mat and repeating the stroke.

The Stable Mat lay out in a typical 12ft by 14ft stable.

Lay the first mat across the doorway so there is no seam in the entrance. If the door-frame, or any other buttress protrudes into the stable, notch the mat to let it fit up against the wall.

The Stable Mat lay out in a typical 12ft by 10ft stable.

Lay any further whole mats behind and to the side and push them up tightly together. Remember the 'pebbled' surface is the top surface.

Making sure that you hammer in the cut Stable Mats to ensure a tight fit.

Now measure and cut the final mats carefully

Handy Hints for fitting the stable mat

Measure - mark, check measurement - cut.

Remember to add about a half centimetre to each measurement so that you can get a tight fit. Always cut on the outside of the chalk mark to achieve this. When laying the mat in place, the cut edge should just turn up at the wall. This can then be hammered down to tighten up the joins.

Remember to mark your mat in the same way that it will be laid, so that the cut side will be to the wall and the factory edges abut one another in the centre of the floor.

Always keep factory edges together

Need a quote for rubber matting your stall or stable? Call us on 07811 172472 or email more details on supplying and fitting The Stable Mat the UK's No.1 rubber stable flooring mat call 07811 172472 or email on for a free quote and sample.

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